We're data crunchers, cyclists, nature-lovers, researchers -- and above all, clean energy nerds with a passion for the planet. We're here to help you ditch dirty fuels and switch to 100% clean energy!

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Tom Dinwoodie


Tom is a cleantech entrepreneur, architect, and inventor. His long-standing interest in accelerating the transition to clean energy led him to found MyDomino. Tom believes that every household and business across the planet can be part of the solution to climate change. We can all choose lower-cost alternatives to dirty fuels and move to healthier diets that reduce pressure on deforestation. Tom is motivated to leave a healthy planet for his children and future generations.

Stephen torres f6db38291537aad429b1469e2e0bc17a9d081f0bff34fdd0e97ab1c8611ae519

Stephen Torres


After watching Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth, Stephen was inspired to be part of the solution to climate change. He felt that one of the greatest areas of impact was in helping people move to clean energy, so made the leap from high-tech to clean-tech. Now he leads the MyDomino team that's helping people along the path to a 100% clean energy lifestyle!

Rosana francescato d3af1edb2f31671e8da1272d23c74c8d081decb8127c2ce5de6df3b0589aa996

Rosana Francescato

Director of Communications

Rosana loves helping people go solar so much that she does volunteer work installing it for low-income families with GRID Alternatives -- where she's famous for her "Most Solar Man in the World" videos. She also loves writing about clean energy and has been published on CleanTechnica, The Energy Collective, Triple Pundit, and PV Solar Report, among others. Rosana is a MyDomino customer herself, saving money with clean energy at her home in Oakland, California.

Mel burns 832bf876631685d37ed35072fac997b44e52a55650380eb70b76b3e88b050fc1

Mel Burns

Director of Energy Concierge Services

Mel has been a passionate solar advocate since the 6th grade, when she wrote a report on solar energy and discovered the amazing power of the sun. She was further inspired by participating in COP3 on Global Climate Change in Kyoto and by her volunteer work with SolarNet Japan, bringing solar technology to rural areas of Indonesia. Mel came to MyDomino from the solar industry, and she loves helping homeowners across the country switch to clean energy.

Amy gorman bdfacd052aa1ff6f73dbefab9adc0245f90af3b97aaf442e34881d44aa1a06b4

Amy Gorman

Director of Business Development

Amy came to solar in 2008 after 13 years as a green building contractor. She was a founding member of a worldwide solar company before bringing her passion for customers to MyDomino. Her career is always focused on a healthier planet for her children. In her spare time you can find her cheering for soccer, little league baseball, and basketball -- and being slave to a Dachsund named Hobbes.

Brian viewegar 210cc2378f3f212211b615a999dabf99a079731057c3f2835dedde045e26259a

Brian Viewegar

Project Manager

Brian has been fascinated with everything outdoors since he was a little kid. After learning about the dangers of global warming in elementary school, Brian knew he wanted to make a difference. His interest in using clean energy to reduce carbon emissions brought him to San Francisco. There he began writing for PV Solar Report and was subsequently published on Solar Power World and The Energy Collective. Brian has now expanded his work to all things clean energy.

Jimmy young 71396e1f3a5899e65d0c16b7cc479508c20d475891e140fe727de77a551ba2e7

Jimmy Young

Lead UX/UI Designer

Jimmy has always been interested in using design to make a positive impact. From building a computer center in Haiti to designing a business system for a small village in Thailand, Jimmy loves to tackle hairy problems with a human-centered approach. He's currently focused on building a better way for people to switch to clean energy.

Laura osburn 430db6466b1225690e1b6104b3e131bca2785877501df974a7cd53638af39e73

Laura Osburn

Energy Concierge

Laura has worked in energy efficiency since 2009 and is Building Performance Institute certified. She's done home performance testing on over 500 homes and has helped evaluate some of those homes for solar. One of her biggest passions is saving energy (and money) through efficiency, a love she discovered working in San Francisco Theatres as a Tech and Stage Manager -- where she needed to find ways to stay comfortable while on a budget!

Mac farrell 04edd39ddddb002775f259837486af0a33c246ff6308b454ac9d87c5a4913a63

Mac Farrell

Clean Energy Product Analyst

Mac came to us from the world of environmental politics and is passionate about finding ways to reduce dirty fuel use so we can protect our planet. He loves tracking and studying the latest developments in energy-saving technology, so MyDomino can be sure that we’re recommending the best energy-saving devices to our customers. Mac takes his work so seriously he even gave out WiFi-connected LED light bulbs for the holidays.

Marcian diamond d0be0cd5d115c8714c4e847b7a63369f7fe75416884db6054fd8a41ff5324bf1

Marcian Diamond

Lead Developer

Marcian, with a background in engineering, understands energy as a precious resource. He loves developing solutions that work toward maximizing energy efficiency -- like MyDomino. Marcian is concentrating his efforts on creating applications that will engage people and inspire them to take steps toward conserving and using energy efficiently. Outside of the realm of web development, Marcian enjoys athletics, martial arts, backpacking, and tea drinking.

Maureen haskell 5d3a7e4be099472da986183c4ff1d57980460997d23a93020683b44b219ef953

Maureen Haskell

Business Partnership Director

Maureen has a passion for causes that have a positive impact on people and the environment. At MyDomino, she focuses on building relationships with organizations that want to empower people to take meaningful actions for the environment with clean energy. Maureen enjoys being outdoors skiing, hiking, golfing, and biking.

Hobbes ab53c1ef34a8c0166e4134fd00433b8cae80c4a46b6d3d4de5605b11bc53405b


Director of Napping and Chief Security Officer

Hobbes has always appreciated the natural world, and he's thrilled to be part of a company that's helping to protect it. Plus, he loves the back scratches and treats. Hobbes plays a key role at MyDomino. He greets our visitors, keeps us calm and happy, and never fails to entertain. In his spare time, Hobbes enjoys chasing squirrels, eating chicken, and of course, napping.