Sue Parkison, a widowed mother of four, was struggling since her husband passed away. Her Connecticut home was a converted church — with energy bills that matched the size of its beautiful vaulted ceilings.

Sue was working two jobs. But she could barely afford the $900 a month she was spending on dirty fuels: $700 to heat her home with oil in the cold Connecticut winters, and $200 for electricity from her utility.

Where to start?

SueGlassesAs someone who cares about the environment and the future of her children, Sue wanted to do her part and get off dirty fuels. But she didn’t think she had the resources. She already drove a plug-in Prius. She wasn’t sure what else she could do.

“I’ve been thinking about switching to clean energy for years, but actually doing it was daunting,” says Sue. “I didn’t know where to start.”

Then she heard about MyDomino.

A simple path to 100% clean energy

With help from her concierge at MyDomino, Sue got started on her path to 100% clean energy. It was this simple:

  1. Make her home more efficient.
  2. Switch everything in her home from dirty fuels to electricity.
  3. Use clean electricity to power it all.

Here’s how Sue made the switch to clean energy and savings:

  • First, Sue had her ductwork upgraded, and major leaks fixed in her windows and doors. That meant she wouldn’t waste energy heating and cooling her home. For most people, heating and cooling can make up 50% of utility bills. For Sue’s family, it was even higher. So it was a good place to save.
    Clean energy workers need to stop to eat sometimes!

    Clean energy workers need to stop to eat sometimes!

  • Continuing on the project of cutting heating and cooling costs, Sue switched her oil boiler to two efficient electric heat pumps — which can double as air conditioners in the summer. Heat pumps take much less energy to operate than traditional furnaces.IMG_1657
  • Sue also upgraded to LEDs and added two smart thermostats.
  • Sue’s plug-in hybrid car already used more electricity than gas.
  • To make her move from dirty fuels complete, Sue’s gas water heater was also switched to an electric heat pump.
    Sue had a lot of help getting her heat pumps in place

    Sue had a lot of help getting her heat pumps in place

  • How is she powering it all? With a beautiful 8-kilowatt solar array on her roof!

    Part of Sue’s solar system

By going all-electric, and then ensuring all her electricity comes from clean solar power, Sue was able to power her home with 100% clean energy.

Big clean-energy savings

The best part? Moving to 100% clean energy is also saving Sue money. We’re talking big bucks — with potential savings of over $290,000 over 30 years.

Sue was able to finance all of her clean-energy improvements, at no upfront cost. That was important to Sue and her family, since their resources were limited.

Sue's shiny new solar system

Sue’s shiny new solar system

It was easy for Sue to make the switch and start saving. “MyDomino walked me through the whole process holding my hand. Now I’m saving hundreds a month with clean energy,” she says.

Sue started saving on Day 1. Her power bills dropped to about $450 a month, including financing. When her loans are paid off, her bills will drop even more. That means huge savings for Sue and her family.

A clean energy legacy

Sue loves her new clean energy, and the savings it brings. But she’s especially happy to be leaving a legacy of clean energy for her children. As amazing as her savings are, their future was her first motivation in making the switch.

Do you also want to leave a clean energy legacy for future generations? You can make the move to clean energy today, and save money in the process. Contact a MyDomino energy savings concierge to see which clean energy actions make sense for you. Together, we can all create a legacy of clean energy for future generations.