About Us

Our Story

We all want clean energy, air, and water. The technology for that is available today. But where do you start? Can you afford it? Do you have to make lifestyle sacrifices? This confusion may keep you from taking action.

That’s why we started MyDomino. We’re a concierge service that helps you switch from dirty fuels to 100% clean energy. Through consultation and personalized recommendations, we cut through the confusion and make it easy for anyone to make the switch -- while lowering your energy bills.

We’ll help you take clean energy actions -- from picking the right LED light bulbs for your home to getting solar quotes to finding an electric car, and more.

How We're Different

We offer something for everyone in our clean energy action path. Not everyone can go solar -- but everyone can do something to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. We’ve done extensive research to vet the products and services that help you make a difference.

MyDomino concierges are not salespeople and do not work on commission. So they’ll never pressure you to do something you aren’t sure about. Our team helps you take actions that make sense for you.

As a B Corp, we work for the public good of preserving a healthy planet for our children and for future generations.

The MyDomino Effect

You might think you’re not doing much if you replace a light bulb. But if 60 people switch to LEDs, that’s like taking 25 cars off the road for a year. If just 25 people go solar, that’s like planting 97,000 trees -- or 400 football fields’ worth.

We believe in the power of individuals and communities across the globe to come together and make a huge impact -- starting with small actions like these.

With each step you take on your path to 100% clean energy, we get closer to our mission of creating 1 billion actions toward our clean energy future. Together, we can create an epic MyDomino Effect.