Ditch the dirty.
Switch to clean.

Join the action path to your 100% clean energy lifestyle.

Why MyDomino?

We want to help change energy sources from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. We believe this will have a substantial, positive impact on climate for people now and in the future.

Check out how MyDomino can help you.


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1. Switch from Dirty to Clean Electricity

We'll help you switch your electricity
source to 100% clean power

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2. Maximize Your Clean Electricity

Next, we'll make your clean
electricity super-efficient

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3. Do Life on 100% Clean Energy

Track the progress of your path to a
clean energy lifestyle

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We're All About Good Energy

Good Energy to Power Your Life

We're all about helping you switch from expensive, dirty fuel to good clean energy to power your life. We'll cut through the confusion to make it easy and affordable. We're clean energy nerds committed to helping you join the action path to a 100% clean energy lifestyle, and dedicated to a clean energy domino effect of innovation, hope, and opportunity for everyone.

Good Energy that's Guaranteed

We work with, and will only refer you to, companies and products with excellent credentials. Our non-commission concierges' first- class service is guaranteed for the entire life of any product or service purchased through MyDomino. Should any issue arise, we'll help resolve it to your 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed good energy.

A small investment with epic savings

Only 99 $ /year

  • A live energy savings concierge at your service

  • Your personalized path to 100% clean energy and big savings

  • An easy to use, cool dashboard to track your progress

  • Access to our seriously cool research on products and vendors

  • Exclusive energy and environmental educational stuff

  • Privileged access to our product previews and events

Meet our team of clean energy nerds

Dedicated to helping you save money and make a positive impact on the environment.

The Team